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 New Bassoon Brother

January 17th, 2007


Evan Kuhlmann

Evan Kuhlmann has won the recent Oregon Symphony audition for the contrabassoon/utility bassoon position. Evan is originally from the Seattle area and joins Brother Mark as another Sea-Tac transplant to the great city of Portland and home of the Bassoon Brothers. Evan is not only a bassoonist, but a composer as well. He studied with Francine Peterson and Seth Krimsky in Seattle and as a student of Frank Morelli’s at Juilliard. It was his first ever orchestra audition. Bravo, Evan!

Leon Chodos to Leave Brothers

November 1st, 2006

Brother Leon Chodos, the Bassoon Brothers virtuoso contrabassoonist, leaves us early in 2007. Leon’s landed in a higher plane, both in pay, prestige and altitude as the new Associate Principal/Contrabassonist with the Utah Symphony. The newest dumb guy of the Bassoon Brothers has followed in the foot steps of the big dumb guy by moving up from his lowly position in the Oregon Symphony bassoon section and leaves the big bottom of the Bros behind. What’s next Leon, maybe Chicago? Who knows, Leon seems to have it all figured out. Thinner reeds?

Leon’s strength in low down playing can be heard on the Bassoon Brothers Escaped CD to be released sometime in the next year. He even gets a few solo shots.

Greg Ewer Records Violin Tracks

December 28th, 2005

Greg Ewer, violinist with the Oregon Symphony, has recorded two tracks with the Bros for the next recording. Greg will be featured as soloist with the Symphony or Feb. 5, 2006. Greg’s history includes playing with his own bluegrass band in Texas and has performed with the Bassoon Brothers at Chamber Music on Tap. On the recording the hot fiddler plays lead on Orange Blossom Special, with Mark trying to keep up with the flying fingers on bassoon. Greg really know how to get the train rolling on this one. Greg also wails away on Miserlou a well known surfer tune everyone recognizes from the movie Pulp Fiction. Mark leads the tune with his amplified (it’s not a guitar) wah-wah bassoon.