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Movies and TV Shows Where You’ll See a Bassoon

There are movies where you’ll see a bassoon, some for just a moment, but others where the bassoonist has a part. If you are looking for a movie to rent or buy, check these out. Let us know your picks to add to our list.

Never Cry Wolf

Never Cry Wolf (1983)

Never Cry Wolf (1983)

The bassoon plays a huge role in this one and should be on every bassoonist’s shelf. Some will be grossed out by role of rodents in this movie. The soundtrack features Rufus Olivier, Prinicipal Bassoonist with the San Francisco Opera, who plays purely haunting calls and high register pitch bends. Rufus plays a little bassoon recital with piano. The bassoon is also featured as a weapon! Check it out.




Topsy Turvy

This is a movie about the lives of Gilbert and Sullivan. These guys are favorites of the Bassoon Brothers as you can tell from our recordings. The bassoon player is an archetypical Granpapa type with full (huge) beard and gets picked on by the conductor for his mistakes. We just don’t get any respect. The movie goes on too long but the scene with the bassoonist is worth the wait–if you’re a bassoonist…



The Red Shoes


The Red Shoes

This 1948 drama about a ballerina and her impresario features a short scene where the maestro is rehearsing with two bassoonists. This is a very fine movie and well worth the effort to find it.








People Will Talk (1951)

People Will Talk

Cary Grant conducts an orchestra performing Brahms Academic Festival Overture. A concert model contrabassoon with its upright bell is visible along with bassoonists.






Fantasia (1940)


The movie begins with a silhouette of the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski. The principal bassoonist is Sol Schoenbach.








Fleabag’s nephew, Jake, plays the bassoon in Season 2, in Episodes 2 (at 20:54) and 6 (at 15:00).

Some people think the bassoon is a “Fleabag’s” cry for help.