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“Unexpected Insert” by Tomas Svoboda

Tomas Svoboda’s Unexpected Insert duet was put on Mark and Bob’s stand to cheer them up.

Tomas’s Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra recorded by the Oregon Symphony and released in 2003 has been nominated for a Grammy. Way to go Tomas!

Tomas Svoboda has written several pieces featuring the bassoon. His most recent is a Scherzo for Two bassoons and Orchestra which was commissioned by the Bassoon Brothers but has yet to have its premiere. He also wrote Sleepy Waltz, a bassoon quartet (3bsn and contra). Tomas admits that he wanted to play the bassoon as a young man but that never came about. So instead, Portland’s world famous composer and friend of the Bassoon Brothers has written solo pieces, ensemble and chamber pieces that are well worth checking out.

Download Tomas Svoboda’s Unexpected Insert

Listen to Unexpected Insert below, played by Brothers Mark and Bob:

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Listen to the Da Ya’ Think I’m Stravinsky? performed by the Bassoon Brothers. Copyright Arundo Recordings.


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