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BASSOONarama 2018

Mark Eubanks, Guest Artist and Lecturer

Mark will present a master class on all things bassoon (especially reeds!) and common problems bassoonists must address for success. All participants will play in a large bassoon ensemble some of the Bassoon Brothers’ old hits and new arrangements. BASSOONarama takes place on March 4, 2018 at Eastern Washington University. Click here to register.

We Have an Important Mission!

We want you to enjoy the bassoon! Whether you play it or just appreciate the instrument’s tone and versatility we want to share our enthusiasm about the instrument with the world. We also want to prevent the extinction of our wonderfully versatile family of double reed instruments by encouraging as many of you as possible to take up what is commonly called the “belching bedpost”. If that is totally out of the question, at the very least, enjoy it and tell your friends that it is not an oboe!




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Inside ‘Oondoom

Within this website you’ll find more bassoon trivia, helpful hints and B.S. than any bassoon website. Who was the first jazz recorded jazz bassoonist? Learn more…

Did you know?

The “oon” family — the contrabassoon, bassoon, tenoroon, and all other “oons” (including the tromboon) — can make sounds like no other. The most prominent instrument, the bassoon, gets so little respect and understanding that we call it the “Rodney Dangerfield instrument”. Yet the bassoon can make you swoon in a symphony solo or a tune, or cause you to laugh at a cartoon, or create the tune for a grotesque buffoon. Bassooner or later we hope their will be the sound of an oon in every home throughout the world.